Success Stories

Definitely not too old

When I took my first lesson at the school, I was simply doing it to prove to myself and Master Bennett that I was too old (52 years old) and disabled to embark in a new and physically- demanding discipline. Here I stand (emphasis mine); five months later and fourteen pounds lighter, ready to take on the world! thank you Master Bennet and each of the instructors from the bottom of my heart.

Preacher Silva



Outstanding Life Lessons

I started training with Keith in January of 2012. Right from the start Master Bennet, Mr. Scoffield, Mr. Sills, Mr. Rafter, Ms. Rafter and all the other Dan members made me feel right t at home. They made me feel like a member of their Tang Soo Do family. The Dan members I have been working with fantastic, they have high expectations but, at the same time understand the beginner. 

Master Bennett and his staff treat Tang Soo Do (Pyung Ahn) as an education of the heart, mind,and body, as it truly is. I enjoy the hard work, the challenge that I have been presented with and the expectations that Master Bennett has.

Master Bennett and his staff certainly live the life and I have nothing but the ultimate respect for all that are involved with Master Bennett, as well as himself.

Thank you for the time and effort you guys have made in me! Thank you for accepting me into your family. Thank you for treating me as one of your own.

God willing I hope to have many years of training with you!

DeWitt J. Archibald

Easy to learn, easy to retain

I just want to say thank you for opening your doors and hosting a great class yesterday. I definitely learned a lot from you in a short period of time. Quite possibly the best class I've ever taken. Once again thank you!

Mike Ford



Qualities of KBKA

Confidence, community, fitness, spiritual values, inspiration, self-discipline, determination - that's what KBKA represents.

Rick Soshensky

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